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/ Short info

Hello and welcome to my online portfolio.

My name is Stoyan. I have 10 + years of experience in the gaming industry as a UI/UX Artist and Concept Artist.


My areas of expertise are UI Design, User ExperienceCharacter Design, Environment Design, Hard surface Design, and Digital Illustration


I have worked on the various project through the years. Some of them are:


Warhammer 3  / Creative Assembly

- Total War: Troy  / Creative Assembly

- Scavenger Duels / Tryad Games

- Spellweaver / Dream Reactor

Rage War / Fury Studio

- AmberBone / XS Software

Khan Wars / XS Software

Nemexia / XS Software


- Pirates / Bigmage Studio

- LucidStar / Bigmage Studio


X Terran Conflict / Egosoft


- Galaktion - The Board Game- Board Game (personal project) 

- Galaktion - The Fourth Millenium - Pen & Paper Role Playing Game (personal project) 

- Obedon - InnerWorld (personal project)


/ Work Experience

Oct 2018 - present
Creative Assembly  /  Senior UI Artist on Total War
As UI Artist, I am creating high-quality work, ranging from initial sketches to high fidelity visual comps for game features, core UI elements and iconography.
Establish and implement art practices and pipelines and mentor other designers on the team.
Make meaningful decisions on the visual style to improve usability and craft immersive experiences in a thematically consistency in style.
Implement design, art and motion in engine with support from engineers.
Aug 2016 - Sep 2018
Coherent Labs  / Senior UI/UX Designer
Responsible for creating various game interfaces that demonstrate the highlights of Coherent Labs’ middleware - Coherent GT and Hummingbird. The software enables the creation of game UI via the web technologies - HTML, CSS, JS. The design of these interfaces ( named Coherent Kits) involved creating a design document, making a prototype, creating the final screens and their adjacent graphics and illustrations, and creating the necessary documentation needed by the frontend team to implement them. I helped the marketing team with various branding and promo materials like business cards, t-shirts, etc.. I was also entrusted with creating advertising material for the GDC 2017 and 2018 conferences.
Sep. 2014 – Sep. 2015
Tryad Games  / Art Director
Responsible for creating the project’s ‘Scavenger Duels’ art guidelines and communicate it with the rest of the team. I designed the game interface, various concept art and did most of the promotional art. 
I also created various modular animations in Adobe Animate for the game battle. 
I had the privilege to work with highly motivated people and learned a lot about the startup culture and being efficient in a small time frame.
Oct. 2010 – Aug. 2014
Crystalplay Games  / Art Director
Co-founded a startup company aiming to deliver a high-quality gaming experience. 
I was responsible for designing the visual style of our games, worked tightly with the developers to create fast iteration. Received substantial experience in developing mobile games, building playable prototypes. I learned to create art that functions within the scope available for the project without sacrificing the aesthetic and art direction.
As a studio, we developed a free-to-play card game called Battlespell and released it in 2012 for Facebook and iOS. Our second big project was Amberbone - a tower defense game, developed for XS Software. The project was developed for mobile platforms - Android and iOS.
Aug. 2007 – Present
Responsible for creating high-quality game interfaces, concept art, and illustrations. I had the pleasure to work with several Bulgarian game studios including Dreamreactor, XS Software and Fury Studio on games like Spellweaver, KhanWars, and Nemexia. Back in 2007, I did several concept arts for Egosoft's space simulator game X - Terran Conflict which included - various spaceships and alien design. 
Sep. 2005 – Sep. 2010
Web / Graphic Designer
- Pixeldepo
- Investor.BG 
- Webrix Software
- Stenik Group
- MobiSystems

/ Education

Technical University - Varna
Industrial Design



Technical University - Varna
Industrial Design


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